We are working hard to reduce the cost and time to build housing.


Powered by Autodesk and NVIDIA

Cost Modeling Platform

  • Input your Site + Development Goals
  • We help you Determine the purchase price of the land and any other costs associated with acquiring the land ie. Site Prep, Permits and Zoning Changes.
  • Along with the Costs of Materials, Labor and Any other Expenses related to the Construction Process.

AI is used to schedule related tasks in order to prevent delays, conflicts and other issues related to the project, materials and supply chain.


Arcitu is simplifying the Development Process to provide the full picture.

With rising interest rates and material cost escalation, the cost to build housing is not working. Regulations are constantly changing. We think we can do better than this. And we think we can clean up the environment as we go. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our process.

Homes that Grow.

PreBuilt and Delivered to you.


If Arcitu is successful in simplifying the entire construction process with technological advances in design and materials, this would not only lead to cheaper and quicker build times, it would also allow for more accurate cost forecasting, which is critical information to have when evaluating future projects.

– Greg J.